High Profile Cases & Results

State v. Forrest D. --- Negligent Homicide

A young teen mother left her infant baby in a bathtub filling with water to go get a towel. The mother told investigators she was looking for a towel but got sidetracked with poems she was writing. After checking on the infant after about five minutes, she said she went into her bedroom, saw her poetry book and started reading some old poems. She said she was gone for about 20 minutes this time The infant drowned. The State charged her with Negligent Homicide, and Child Abuse, dangerous crime against children felonies. If convicted at trial, she would have been facing decades in prison.

Result: Supervised probation with zero days of jail.


State v. Margie N. --- Vulnerable Adult Abuse

The State charged client with the felony beating of a mentally retarded elderly woman. The elderly woman was a resident at the retirement community where the defendant worked as a orderly for the elderly woman and other elderly people. An alleged witness stated that she observed the defendant repeatedly striking the alleged victim over the head with a large coffee mug. The alleged victim was bleeding from her head and suffered some other injuries.

Local media referred to this case in many segments.

This case went to trial.

Result: Not Guilty of all charges.

State v. Steven T. --- Sex Assault

The State charged my client, a 14 year-old Liberian refugee, with being the orchestrator of a group sexual assault against an 8 year-old Liberian refugee in State v. Steven T. Furthermore, the State sought to try him as an adult. If he lost at trial in adult court, the laws would have required that he spend the rest of his life in prison. Following a weeklong evidentiary hearing, the adult felony judge transferred the case back to juvenile court. In juvenile court, the judge imposed supervised probation with zero days of jail.

The case generated local, national, and even international media attention. For example, the associated press covered this story from beginning to end. Additionally, the Liberian Ambassador and even the President of Liberia addressed this case in an interview conducted by CNN. The link is provided below.


Below are some articles regarding the transfer hearing, which was attended by several reporters:




State v. Richard C. --- Felony Animal Cruelty

An alaskan Malamute dog was beaten so badly, that the dog required staples to its head, suffered several broken bones including ribs, and had to have one of its legs amputated. In addition to local print media on the case, a local news channel ran a segment on the case, featuring the three-legged dog and speaking with the new adoptive mother of the dog. The news segment aired the day before trial began.

The State refused to offer any plea bargain, and the case went to trial.

Result: Not Guilty of all charges.

State v. Jens B. --- Armed Robbery & Kidnapping

Defendant and an unknown accomplice allegedly robbed two teen-age boys at knifepoint of all their belongings. The victim boys were stripped down to their underwear. Investigators determined that my client was likely involved. Following a partial, but substantial confession, officers arrested the defendant. The State charged him with two counts of Armed Robbery, two counts of Kidnapping, and two counts of Aggravated Assault, all Dangerous offenses. If he lost to all counts, he could have received 114 years in prison.

All plea offers requiring prison were refused and we went to trial.

Result: Not Guilty of all charges that required mandatory prison. Although the judge could have still imposed a significant amount of prison, the judge sentenced the defendant to probation with zero days of jail.

State v. Michael A. --- Concealing a Dead Human Body

Police arrested defendant after they discovered his deceased girlfriend in the trunk of her car. Defendant was present when police opened his car trunk. When police discovered the body, the defendant tried to flee. He was apprehended within a couple of minutes. His girlfriend had been missing for several days.

Unable to determine a cause of death, the case went to trial on charges of concealing a dead human body.

Result: 2½ years in prison as the sentence.


State v. Jose Q. --- First Degree Murder

Listed as a High Profile case on Maricopa County Superior Court website for Media Relations.  Case in appeal process 


State v. Ragen H. --- Aggravated Assault, a Class 3 Dangerous Offense

               Client alleged to have pointed a loaded firearm at two teenage victims following an alleged road rage incident and car accident.  $50,000 bond.  Typical plea offer                for this type of case: 5 years in prison.  

               Result: Supervised probation, Zero days of jail. 

State v. Nishma K. --- Promoting Prison Contraband

              Client caught with bag of methamphetamine while serving a jail sentence for a felony Aggravated DUI.   Alleged that client confessed to smuggling the meth.              
              Initial offer: 3 - 12.5 years in prison, followed by probation. 

              Result: 2 years in prison. 

State v. Allison W. --- Theft of Means of Transportation, Resisting Arrest, Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer 

              Alleged that client stole vehicle, led police on high speed chase through two counties.  Crashed stolen car into RV while on the freeway at a speed in excess of                       100 mph.  Officers attempt to arrest client; and alleged that client struck officers in the face several times with fists and feet. 

              Result: Supervised Probation in both counties.  Zero days in jail.  All offenses can be designated misdemeanors upon successful completion of probation.

* Past results are not indicative of future success or what you can expect as the outcome in your particular case. Every case is legally and factually unique and results will vary.